A Day In The Life Of A Redhead

Thursday, February 16, 2006

It's "The Word Of The Day" time kiddies. Hmmm let me see, it has to be interesting, it has to be something you can use for the day. Hmmm........it's going to be "Bandana".

Don't Ask!


  • At 8:59 AM, Blogger Sea_creature said…

    Okay, Bandanna it is! I just love pictures of cute animals. That one's adorable! What are those again?

    Glad I could help you with the links. HTML is a pain in the butt, however, it's pretty easy to figure out...someof it anyway! Have fun!

    Oh and good luck with your job search. Oh MAN do I know how that is. I did temp work for a few years...it was awful when the position was temp to hire and I'd be there forever. Then they'd have to let me go because they couldn't afford to keep me. One company let us ALL go and had to close. It was one of the greatest jobs I'd had...so sad.

    Have a lovely weekend...


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